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Over the past 27 years we have insured everything from Junior's Motorcycle to Billion Dollar companies.
This is where you can find a friendly and personal expertise with professionalism that works for you from local people you can trust.

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HONESTLY! The two things people want most from an insurance agent are:

  • A good price
  • An agent and company they can trust.

So, that is our mission, and the truth starts right now by sharing with you:

The 4 biggest traps with insurance shopping on-line.

Many people think they can save time, save money, and they won’t have to talk to anybody.

  • First, if you go on-line and provide all your information I guarantee someone will be contacting you.
  • Second, the biggest lie in the world is now “Click here, it’s easy.” Don’t waste hours of your time trying to figure out somebody’s website.
  • Third, when you buy on-line, you do all the work. If you buy on-line, do you think the insurance company is going to call you back and say, “Oh you missed some discounts.”? Not going to happen! It takes so long, the websites literally beat you into submission.
  • In the end, you don’t know one person in the company, there is no personal relationship. They have no connection to you either. They never saw you, met you, or spoke with you. They simply had their computer take your money. Think about it.

Why do people put up with this nonsense? Because they think they will save money. In all honesty, sometimes you do. But we have thousands of customers that are paying less than on-line insurers and a personal relationship comes with it for free. That is value.

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Still not convinced… Shopping on-line has other issues…

It gets even worse. Some websites promise you a quote. You put in all your information, and then 10 different agents start calling you. Your phone blows up and you can’t get them to stop. These websites are called Lead Aggregators. They immediately take your input information and sell it to at least a half dozen agents you don’t even know. Yikes! That won’t happen here, we share your information with no one

How do we do it?

WE QUOTE YOUR INSURANCE WITH EVERY POSSIBLE DISCOUNT THE FIRST TIME. We know what questions to ask to get those discounts. On-line quoting can’t do that. As an agent, we don’t pay the claims out of our pocket, the insurance company does. So why would we try to charge a little extra to make more money? It doesn’t make sense. WE WANT YOU AS OUR CUSTOMER AND HAVING THE BEST PRICE IS ALWAYS THE FIRST STEP IN EARNING THE PRIVELIGE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Most importantly we ask you the questions and we do the work. All you need to know is how to dial a phone. Then sit back and let us do the work. Remember the big lie?? “Click here, it’s easy” The only way it is easy is if we actually do the work, not you. Make sense?

CALL NOW 210-WIL-WILL or 210-945-9455

Thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you,

Will Peterson CIC
Principal, Will Peterson Agency.

*Low Price Guarantee is not available to existing customers of the insurer we primarily represent or to people already quoted by Will Peterson Agency in the past 365 days. One Low Price Guarantee per 2 years. Operators with Major Auto Violations or suspensions are ineligible. Must have 1 less accident than number of vehicles insured, no more than 2 accidents in the past 3 years. All licenses must be current. Must pass home inspection and qualify under building guidelines. Must have 1 year prior insurance. Applicants must be age 25 or older. Will Peterson Agency may terminate this offer at any time without notice.



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Read what our customers are saying

Have used Will for years and years now, he is very helpful and honest. I switched at one point only to return back to Will. He has always given me good advice and walked me through how to handle another company that's driver hit me and was giving me the run around. I highly recommend Will Peterson for all your insurance needs.

J Simms

Great service. Came to my home with a pole saw and helped trim trees off the roof to pass an inspection. Who does that?

Steve B

Will, Thank you so much for your, above and beyond, help to our family. Thanks to your efforts, the closing on the purchase of our children’s house will proceed smoothly on Wednesday. With them being stationed abroad, we could not have done it without you and we are so grateful.
P.S. You are awesome with your tree trimming skills!

D. & C. Inselmann

The quality of service is above normal expectations. The helpfulness and experience is the reason why I will continue bringing Will Peterson my business.

G. Guerrero