Will, Thank you so much for your, above and beyond, help to our family. Thanks to your efforts, the closing on the purchase of our children’s house will proceed smoothly on Wednesday. With them being stationed abroad, we could not have done it without you and we are so grateful.

P.S. You are awesome with your tree trimming skills!

The quality of service is above normal expectations. The helpfulness and experience is the reason why I will continue bringing Will Peterson my business.

I was skeptical about changing from (*insurance co.) who I had been with forever…I switched to Will Peterson Agency and saved $1,500. After switching, both my sons had an accident. With Accident Forgiveness my rates didn’t go up. I can’t imagine what my rate would be had I stayed with the other company.

You are the coolest insurance agent I’ve ever seen!

You could not ask for a better insurance agent than Will Peterson.