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Homeowner Insurance

Would you want your home insured with borrowed money? You’d probably say no, but some of our competitors have assets-to-liability ratios of $2:$1. On the other hand, our ratio is over $90:$1. That’s our money in the bank ready to protect your home.

Additionally, Will Peterson Agency has one of the most highly regarded National Catastrophe Teams working for us. Other companies use third-party administrators to handle their claims and don’t even have a national catastrophe team. Ask our agent today to find out about the many benefits of having us handle your Homeowner Insurance.

Low Price Guarantee

We Pay You $35 As A Penalty Against Ourselves If We Can Not Save You $250 On Your Home And Auto Coverage. What Does This Mean To You? It Means That A Company That Says They Value Your Time Actually Values Your Time.

Offer is not available to existing customers of the insurer we primarily represent or to people already quoted by Will Peterson Agency in the past 365 days. One Low Price Guarantee per 2 years. Operators with major auto violations or suspensions are ineligible. Must have 1 less accident than number of vehicles insured, no more than 2 accidents in the past 3 years. All licenses must be current. Must pass home inspection and qualify under building guidelines. Must have 1 year prior insurance. Applicants must be age 25 or older. Will Peterson Agency may terminate or change this offer at any time without notice. Pricing guarantee must be based on relatively comparable coverages that you currently have with an A VII rated admitted carrier or better.

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